Services – Asbestos

Materials that contain asbestos may release fibers when disturbed, removed improperly, damaged, cut, torn, repaired, saw cut, scraped, or drilled. We will assess the condition of your building or home, take samples of materials that we suspect to contain asbestos for testing, and finally advise you about the corrective measures that are needed. If you are looking to remove or repair asbestos containing materials, we can ensure that the contractor who undertakes the corrective action has followed the proper procedure, including the cleanup. We can also undertake air monitoring to ensure that there is no increase in asbestos fibers after the work is performed. We will also provide you with a detailed report and lab analysis upon completion.

Full Asbestos Surveys

A full asbestos survey includes the identification of all accessible asbestos containing materials in a building prior to demolition or renovation activities. Costs for this service will vary according to the size of the building and types of materials encountered.

Limited Sampling

In some cases, such as insurance claims we can perform limited bulk sampling (as per WorkSafeBC regulations) for smaller areas impacted by floods, fires and other accidental damage.

Air Monitoring

We provide all necessary air monitoring required on projects including Occupational, Post Abatement & Area Air Clearance Testing. We can also provide you with investigative indoor air quality testing for VOC’s and other airborne contaminants.


Lead based paint and coatings was used on a variety of surfaces and materials in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and equipment and poses a significant health risk if it is disturbed, improperly removed or simply in poor physical condition. We can provide you with a comprehensive lead survey of your property along with recommendations for any actions required to make the area safe.

Full Lead Based Paint Survey

A full lead based paint survey includes the identification and testing of all potential lead based paints and coatings on your property prior to beginning demolition or renovation activities or simply to document our findings as part of your company Health and Safety program.

Limited Lead Based Paint Survey

In some cases, such as insurance claims we can perform limited bulk sampling (as per WorkSafeBC regulations) for smaller areas impacted by floods, fires and other accidental damage.



Our technicians can conduct both visual inspections and air sampling to detect excessive mold growth. We thoroughly inspect all areas in your home that could potentially harbor mold, such as attics, crawlspaces and similar areas. We will also check for signs of water intrusion throughout the interior of your home. If we are unable to visually identify the mold, our specialized equipment can test the air inside your home for excessive mold spores, as compared to the outdoor air. We will provide you with a final report including any relevant lab results and recommendations for remedial action to remove and prevent the regrowth of any mold present in your home or business.

Initial Mold Investigation

A visual inspection of accessible interior areas of a building is performed to assess areas potentially impacted by mold growth and moisture. In some cases destructive testing may be necessary to access wall cavities and ceiling spaces.

Mold Testing Services

The collection of bulk, surface lifts and/ or indoor air samples is performed to evaluate the level of mold growth in buildings

Wall Cavity Sampling

Essentially an air sample of a wall cavity, ceiling cavity, or other normally inaccessible area to determine if hidden mold growth is present.

Surface Sampling (Tape Lift)

A sample of visible suspect mold growth collected off the surface of building materials or items to identify the types and concentration of mold growth is present.

Bulk Sampling

A physical sample of building materials or items displaying suspect mold growth is collected and submitted to a laboratory for analysis to identify the types and concentration of mold growth present.

Emergency Asbestos/Lead Testing Service

This service is designed to respond to the emergency insurance service industry, commercial and individuals/homeowners who have the need for asbestos/lead sampling and testing after regular business hours and on weekends.

This service benefits our clients in the following ways:

  • Ensures that asbestos and/or lead is identified prior to disturbance of potential contaminated materials.
  • Reduces potential for mold growth with timely laboratory results.
  • Eliminates potential exposure concerns and financial/legal liabilities caused by asbestos and/or lead contamination from response activities.
  • Prevents project delays.
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